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Eco marketing is also known as ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’ marketing.  Here at Sow Easy, we specialise in branded plants and seeds, so you can be sure that all of our promotional products are green and eco-friendly!

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Sow Easy - Made in Britain Accreditation

Made in Britain Accreditation

Sow Easy  has recently been accredited as a member of Made in Britain for our Seedsticks. This was granted in recognition of their wide range of uniquely customisable, seed-based products including our hero product, Seedsticks, that have been manufactured in the UK for decades.

Sow Easy is proud to now be able to sport the official Made in Britain mark, helping customers to recognize that their purchase is high-quality, British-made, and will go back into the local economy. 

Regarding the accreditation, Sales & Operations Director Jamie Gray said, “Though we’ve seen the benefits of manufacturing in Britain for over 30 years now, this accreditation feels especially timely. Being a UK-based company enabled us to keep meeting client needs in the midst of the pandemic, as we didn’t have to rely on overseas product supplies. We couldn’t be prouder to manufacture our seed-based items in the UK, and do our bit to contribute to the British economy, as well as its vegetation.”  

Gardening Promotional Products - Seedsticks - Our Hero Product

Browse the Seedstick Range – Made in the UK!


Sow Easy has worked with distributors for more than 30 years, and in that time has continuously taken steps towards creating a better tomorrow for the environment.  Our seeded promotional products not only encourage flower and herb planting, but also help to reduce plastic waste from using less eco-friendly, traditional promotional products. They are biodegradable and sustainable. All products can be custom printed with business logo and branding.

For additional information, give us a call on +44 (0)1753 644588, or email  


Gardening Improves Mental Health

Get Back to Nature with Gardening Promotional Products

The pandemic will be written about in history books and has meant that humanity has had to adapt to many new things. Working remotely from home, restricted access to shopping and dining, socialising and just living in general! It’s been a steep learning curve but on the upside, we’ve seen something marvelous happen to the planet during the lockdown period.

Air pollution levels are significantly down, environmental noise levels have been reduced, and beach waters are crystal clear. Beyond the general observations though, there’s been an obvious change in how humans are connecting to nature. As we’ve been pulled away from our normal routines, due to furlough, unemployment and national/local lockdowns, humans seemed to have turned to nature to find some solace in these often overwhelming and anxiety-inducing times.

Benefits of Gardening for Mental Health

Getting out in nature and taking walks outdoors has been a popular way to maintain sanity during the lockdown period. As parts of the country, go into local lockdown or if a second wave begins – this trend will continue.

Carrots just pulled from the earth

Gardening saw a huge surge in popularity, with Facebook and Instagram feeds filled with snapshots of backyard vegetable gardens. Food shortages at the start of the Covid lockdown worried many and encouraged them to grow their own food and become more self-sufficient.

Growing one’s own food has always conveyed feelings of pride and self-sufficiency in times of hardship (think back to the “Victory Gardens” of WWII). It’s also a great way to teach children where food comes from and how to grow their own. As schools closed, parents have taken up gardening as a way to engage their children in practical science lessons that are fun, engaging and nurturing.

Gardening is also a great activity to get your body moving and keep your brain active. Some doctors are recommending gardening and getting involved in tending community allotments, to help in the national fight against obesity. 

Connecting with nature, and gardening in particular, has a myriad of mental health benefits including lessened depression, improved creativity, and more. As more people engage with planting and begin to experience its benefits, we only plan to see the trend become increasingly popular.

Using Gardening Promotional Products to Promote Brands

Gardening Promotional Products - Seedsticks - Our Hero Product

As a supplier of eco-friendly, sustainable gardening promotional products, we dedicate ourselves to creating easy-to-grow seed  & plant-based products that are packaged in a number of creative ways. All products can be custom printed with a company logo and branding, with the option of vegetable, fruit, herb, or flower seeds, that work with the brand messaging.  

Seedsticks are our hero product and couldn’t be easier to use. Just place the seeded matchstick in soil and wait for them to germinate and grow. We can also supply Baby Tree Kits, Seed Balls and printed Seed Packets.



Seed Paper Postcards with the text Your Logo HereIn addition to normalising the art of the video call, the pandemic has unlocked a lot of creativity surrounding sending things via direct mail or “snail mail.”  We’ve had great success selling seeded & gardening promotional products that could easily fit through a letterbox

We even sent out hundreds of Seedsticks for free to raise spirits and encourage planting during lockdown.  

Read: How Brands can use Plantable Direct Mail Products to Reach Consumers at Home


Jamie Gray, Sales & Operations Director at Sow Easy comments that we can only assume moving forward, brands will continue to embrace this newfound (or perhaps rekindled) love of gardening amongst their customer base. We sure hope that they do, not only for our business, but for the well-being of the world to come”. 

Samples and FREE Design Visualisation Service

We offer products samples and a free design visualisation service so that agency clients & wholesale customers can see how the products look with their companies branding and logo before they order.  Visit our Contact Us page to request a quote, sample or ask us a question. 

Plantable Social Distancing Badge - No Shaking Hands

Back to Work after Covid-19 Lockdown: Sustainable Social Distancing Products & Welcome Back Gifts

Lockdown is easing, and we are starting to return to work and children are scheduled to be back to school as normal in September. As staff return from furlough or continue to work from home, we should all prepare for the ‘new normal’. Social distancing will be part of this and it’s important to keep both employees and customers informed on what the new workplace rules are.

We stock a range of eco-friendly sustainable promotional products that will communicate and educate people on social distancing rules and keep them safe from COVID-19. We can create bespoke products for brand agencies, retail wholesalers and distributors – no matter which industry your clients & customers operate in.

Providing Social Distancing Products to:

  • Retail brands & wholesalers
  • Corporate & SME brands
  • Service industry
  • Manufacturers and production
  • Schools, colleges, and universities
  • Sustainable brands
  • Brand agencies & clients


Plantable Social Distancing Badges

Printed Badges are ideal for customer facing employees and can be used to communicate social distancing rules in-store and the workplace. Printed badges remind others to keep 2 metres away and can carry other important messages about social distancing.

Seed Paper badges can be custom printed to order with any business branding or can be supplied from stock design options. The paper from these sustainable badges can be planted after use, leaving behind only beautiful wildflowers. The safety pin can be reused for anything from fixing a broken flip flop to securing your keys!

Find out more about Social Distancing Badges


Seed Paper Postcards with the text Your Logo HereSustainable Seed Paper Postcards

Printed postcards can be used to educate staff & customers on social distancing rules. Hand out to queuing customers or use as a sustainable direct mail product to inform people of rules prior to re-opening. Can also be used to keep in touch with staff working from home.

After use, the recipient can just rip it up, pop in soil and wait for flowers to bloom! It couldn’t be easier to grow flowers using seed paper.  Team with a Seed Paper Envelope or another product with our Seed Paper range.

Choose from full colour print on both sides. Wildflower mix and other seeds available – find out more about Seed Paper Postcards.


Single Pot Wrap (Plastic) - Back to Work Gift

Seed Grow Kits as a “Welcome Back to Work” Gift

As many workplaces begin to slowly phase employees back into the office, corporate & FMCG brands may want to consider offering “Welcome Back to Work” gifts to express gratitude to their returning staff.

Our Seed Grow Kits are a great “Welcome Back to Work” gift for employees returning to work. They have everything needed to grow a green gift – just add water! It’s been a challenging time for everyone, and this eco-friendly gift will be much appreciated. Can be kept In the office to help provide more oxygen or can be used to brighten up remote work spaces at home.

View our Range of Seed Grow Kits

Free Visual Design Service

We can offer a free visual design service for your clients & customers. We can mock up any of our products with a company logo and branding – contact us for more information.

Get a Quote or Sample

To get a quote on any of these products, complete our Request a Quote form. Low MOQs and short lead-times – get in touch today for a quote.

We can also offer product samples on request.


Seed Paper Postcards with the text Your Logo Here

Direct Mail Marketing: How Brands Can Reach Consumers at Home During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Direct Mail is a traditional form of marketing that’s an effective way to reach people at home during isolation. It can be used alone or combined with digital marketing to make the most of marketing budgets during this difficult time.

Everyone loves a freebie and plantable direct mail products are sure to make a great brand impression. The person receiving them will be thrilled to receive something to grow, creating the feeling that a brand cares about giving back and making people’s lives easier during the isolation period. We have picked 5 products perfect for this.

5 Plantable Direct Mail Products to Reach Consumers at Home

We stock a range of innovative seeded direct mail products that are small enough to post and custom-printed to order.


Plantable Seedsticks

Seedsticks™ are our Hero product. Made in the UK, they are the size of a matchbook and will fit into the smallest of envelopes! They make growing plants easy and accessible for all ages and experience. We stock a wide range of Seedstick Shapes from dogs to rockets to beer bottles! There’s something to suit all brands, no matter what industry.

Browse Seedsticks

Seed Packets

Medium Seed Packet Envelope - Kraft Paper

Seed Packets are inexpensive and versatile; packs are available in a range of sizes to suit your client’s direct mail marketing campaign. Lockdown has caused a nationwide shortage of seeds so give your customers what they need! Colourful and long-lasting, promotional seeds are popular with wholesalers, distributors clients and brand agencies.

Browse Seed Packets

Seed Paper Postcards

Seed Paper Postcards with the text Your Logo Here

Ideal for sustainable direct mail campaigns; our biodegradable postcards are made from recycled paper that’s embedded with wildflower seeds. As they are printed with plant-based ink, they can be safely planted after use. Team with a Seed Paper Envelope or any other product from the Seed Paper range

Browse Seed Paper Postcards

Instant Garden

A compact all-in-one Instant Garden; the perfect size for letterboxes and direct mail campaigns! This Seed Kit comes in a narrow, custom-printed box with everything needed to grow a plant; just add water!

Wholesale customers and agency clients will love the simplicity of this seed kit and it will help them pass time during lockdown – just unpack and it’s ready to grow! Available with a wide range of organic seeds including medicinal & culinary herbs, fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Find out more about Instant Garden

Growing Greeting Cards

Growing Greetings CardThese eco-friendly cards can grow edible microgreens that are ready to eat in just 7-10 days. A great way to get your veggies when fresh food is scarce in the supermarket or you are unable to leave the house too often.

Grow your own salad at home! Choose from basil, broccoli, clover, mizuna, mustard, pak choi, red cabbage and Rocket seeds.

Browse our Seed Greeting Cards Range 

How to Order Plantable Products for Direct Mail Marketing

Give us a call on 01753 644588 or email at for a quote. If budgets are limited let us know and we can advise on the best plantable direct mail products for your client’s campaign.

If you’d like a free mock-up visual to see how your client’s branding would look on any of these products please email specifying the product you are interested in.

You can also request samples here.