Seed Kits

If your agency clients and wholesale customers are looking for promotional plants to promote their brand, tell them about these custom-printed promotional Seed Kits.

An eco-friendly product that can be fully customised with any business branding or logo. These Seed Kits are budget-friendly, but will have a long-lasting impact on their brand.

Each Seed Kit contains everything you need to grow your own seed. On average, it will take seeds two weeks to germinate and your clients & customers business branding will be front and centre as the recipient tends to their plant. A great promotional plant product helping to boost brand recall!

Marketing & Promotions

Brand agencies and wholesalers can offer so many marketing & promotional uses for these promotional Seed Kits:

  • A branded ‘sow & grow’ Seed Kit that is ideal for school & community projects. Used by FMCG, gardening, outdoor and sustainability brands.
  • Cookery brands can create their own branded range of ‘grow your own’ herbs & produce Seed Kits. Sell online or in-store as an extra stream of revenue. Also makes a great eco-friendly giveaway.

Custom-made for any Business

As with all our promotional plants, the Seed Kit provides your trade clients with lots of customisation options:

Depending on budgets, you can choose from a variety of packaging options. Choose from a card insert or pop your seeds in a wrap-around or boxed packaging.

All packaging is made from 100% recycled materials. Customise packaging with your clients & customers business logo and marketing messages.

Each Seed Kit includes our coir pellets that are peat free, making them better for the environment and the plants (plus they’re easier to use!). Just add water and watch them swell to make the ideal home for your seedlings.

We also offer a wide variety of seeds including flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetable and trees. We have something to suit every brand so get in touch.

The important stuff

Each grow pack contains seeds, peat free coir pellet, pot and card insert. The pot and insert comes with full colour print on 100% recycled material.

The usual stuff

All printing uses soy and vegetable ink. Seed and growing instructions are always included as is expected germination time, botanical and common name of the planet.

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