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Seed Eggs

A Seed Egg is an egg-shaped piece of soil that’s bursting with seeds, ready to be thrown and grown!  Transform a bare patch of soil or an empty flowerpot.  Once it rains, the seeds will germinate into a patch of flowers that bees, butterflies and other insects will love.

These promotional seeds are packaged in a custom-printed egg box with lots of space for your client’s business branding.  Egg boxes and Seed Eggs are available in 2 sizes – chicken egg or quail egg.

Guerrilla gardening has become popular to help halt and reverse the decline of bees and other pollinating insects.  If your agency clients, retail and wholesale customers support the work of the RHS to Save our Bees they’ll love these promotional Seed Eggs.  They’re easy to use and the custom printed egg box provides a prominent space for marketing & branding messages.

Find out more about Plants for Pollinators – an initiative from the Royal Horticultural Society  to advise gardeners on the best pollinating plants for bees and insects.

Seed Eggs come with a wide range of seeds including flowers, herbs and vegetables. There’s a seed suitable for every brand campaign and we can meet the needs of wholesalers and distributors. Perfect for Easter& Spring-time promotions.

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Ideas for Marketing & Promotions

  • An eco-friendly promotional plant giveaway for FMCGs, gardening brands, conservation projects or cooking brands. In fact, these are promotional seeds are perfect for any brand or business that to improve sustainability and reduce waste.
  • The perfect plant product for guerrilla gardening and brands supporting the Plants for Pollinators campaign from the RHS or any other bee conservation programme.
  • Seeds Eggs can be branded and sold in gift stores and garden centres. Ideal for novice gardeners, children and gift buyers.
  • Perfect for Easter & Spring promotional campaigns


Custom Printed for Any Business

Presented in a custom printed egg box with 6 seeded eggs. Also available as a single egg in individual packaging.

Both egg boxes and individual packaging come with personalised folding card and/or box packaging that is fully customisable with four colour print.

Custom Egg Boxes

Quails Egg Box:  11.5 x 6.3cm
Weighs: 12g

Chicken Egg Box: 9.5 x 6.5 x 5.5cm
Weighs: 55g

Single Box:  3.3 x 3.3 x 3.3cm
Weighs: 10g

Material: carton or glassine paper


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