Sprout Pencil

The Sprout Pencil is an eco-friendly, sustainable pencil that can be planted after use. We can supply wholesale orders to wholesalers, distributors and agencies.

At the end of each Sprout Pencil you’ll find a water-soluble seed capsule (instead of an eraser) that can be planted in soil. Use like a normal pencil, but when it becomes too short to write or colour with, just plant the pencil into some soil then watch it grow!

Your customers and clients can customise their branded Sprout Pencils with an engraved or colour printed logo or message.

When trade customers & distributors order over 2,500 units we can provide full-colour packaging for each individual Sprout Pencil. Order big and make a big impact!

This practical eco-friendly promotional product is great for promotions aimed at either children or adults.

Marketing & Promotions

Wholesalers, distributors and brand agencies can offer many marketing & promotional uses for Sprout Pencils :

  • Encourage children to get involved in eco-projects at school or in the community. Create a colouring project them plant the pencil afterwards!
  • Buy branded Sprout Pencils wholesale to sell in garden centres & gift stores
  • An eco-friendly corporate giveaway. Practical, yet sustainable and reinforces a positive brand message.

Custom-made for any Business

Your customers and agency clients can customise their Sprout Pencils by engraving or colour printing a logo or short message onto the pencil. For wholesale orders of 1000 units + we can offer full-colour printing on the pencil packaging.

Pencils are available in a choice of seeds (daisy, carnation, forget me not, basil, thyme, sage, coriander and chia). There are also 6 different coloured pencils to choose from; each with a different seed. Perfect for Christmas; these pencils are also available in spruce tree seed!

The important stuff

Every pencil has a laser engraving indicating which plant seed is inside the pencil as well as the Sprout logo; there are 10 seeds to choose from. We also have a choice of 6 coloured pencils available; each colour has its own plant seeds.

  • Minimum Order Quantity: – 500
  • Lead times from: – 3-6 weeks
  • Engraving size – 10cm x 0.5cm

The usual stuff

Text or logo must be supplied as text or in a JPG/PDF/Illustrator – minimum 300dpi.

Popularity contest

  1. Wild Strawberry
  2. Lavender
  3. Thyme


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