Express Seedsticks®

In a hurry? We can now supply Express Seedsticks and have them delivered to you within 2-3 working days, dependant on the quantity.

Also called a Matchstick Garden – each pack of Seedsticks looks just like a matchbook, but each match contains a seed that will grow when planted in soil.  A unique product that will remind customers of any brand each time they tend to their blooming matchstick garden!

Promo seeds are attached to biodegradable cardboard (or sticks) by natural glue. Each stick is torn from the matchbook and planted – there is a depth line showing how deep to plant the Seedsticks. The tab has been designed to protect the seeds and allow for successful germination.

Sow Easy - Made in Britain Accrediation LogoSeedsticks are Made in Britain certified. Choose British goods to avoid any unexpected custom taxes or delays.

Please note: Express Seedsticks available to UK addresses only.

Marketing & Promotions

Our Seedstick Matchstick Garden offers brand agencies and distributors so many different uses for marketing & promotions:

  • Promotional seeds for last-minute campaigns. Quick supply of the perfect product for branded promotional giveaways!
  • A fun corporate gift for employees, customers and trade events. Ideal for sustainability brands, ecology charities, gardening market and more.
  • Museums, garden centres and other retailers can create branded Seedstick packs to sell in gift shops (both onsite and online). Create an extra stream of revenue for your business.

Custom-Made For Any Business

Seedsticks® are our most popular range of promotional plants. With the same format as a book of matches, but rather than a regular matchhead, we use seeds!

Only Small Seedsticks (5 stick pack) are available for this express service. Full-colour custom label available with growing instructions included.

All artwork must be provided on our PDF template. You will be assigned a personal project manager to help you through the process, so please do get in touch with us for more details.

Call us on 01753 644588, use the chatbox in the bottom right corner or email us.

Pack Size: 38 x 46 mm

MOQ: 100 units

Seeds: Wildflower or Mixed Herbs


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For a free mock up of how the finished product could look, please click below and provide your logo and details.

Seedstick Shapes Packs - Promotional Seeds

Seedsticks are the greenest and most sustainable corporate giveaway on the market. These promotional seeds are unique, memorable and 100% biodegradable!

As well as Express Seedsticks, we can also provide a wide range of shaped matchbooks. Pre-cut shapes include animals, food & drink items, vehicles and many more!

We can also supply branded retail packs for eye-catching point-of-sale promotions. Visit our Seedsticks page for the full range, then get in touch with us to request product samples and more information.