Tree Seeds

Plant a Tree and Watch It Grow

Trees not only brighten our environment but clean the air too. Plant a tree and contribute to improving our atmosphere and creating a new habitat for birds, bugs and insects.

Grow Your Own Christmas Tree - Seed Packet

Which Tree Seeds Do We Stock?

We can supply Norwegian Spruce tree seed – commonly known as a Christmas tree!

Our seeds have preferred planting times for outdoors, but we have tree seeds that can be planted indoors (whatever time of year it is). As long as it is in a bright warm spot it can start to grow and be transplanted outdoors in springtime or kept as a house plant.

Read more about our most popular tree seed varieties. If you don’t see your required seed listed, do contact us and we’ll do our best to supply it.

The Benefits of Trees

Where would we be without trees?  Trees provide homes to a wide range of wildlife that wouldn’t survive without them. It’s not just birds and squirrels that nest in them, but insects, bugs, and bats. And not just in woodland and forest but in urban environments too.

Trees also give us oxygen and store dangerous carbon, cleaning our air and making it safer to breathe. They even stabilise the soil around them.

Not only that, but they provide shade on hot days.  Without trees, cities are hotter and the air dirtier. They make a fun place to play, enjoy a picnic and just take in a sunny day.

And let’s not forget that the tree has a long-standing association with Christmas. A symbol of good times and festive cheer.