Sow Easy at Merchandise World

On September 12th, we were lucky enough to take part in  Merchandise World at Farnborough International, where we got to see some of our existing clients, as well as meet new ones! We also enjoyed showing our favorite Sow Easy products. Of course, this triple whammy event was put on by the British Promotional Merchandise Association, Sourcing City and Purple Club. This Farnborough-based event happens annually. Moreover, it is dedicated specifically to professional distributors, offering a three in one of exhibitors, networking and, optionally, appointments. 

Merchandise World 2018

Our Merchandise World stand this year was part of The Briman Group’s display. To continue, the Briman Group is an association that supports British manufacturing that we are proud to be a part of. Their main missions are as follows:

  1. Promote British manufacturing
  2. Support members by sharing best practices
  3. Educate distributors on the benefits of buying British
  4. Group marketing and networking opportunities
  5. Grow industry sector

Check out this photo of our booth:

Sow Easy Stand at Merchandise World 2018

To continue, Merchandise World is visited every year by leading professional distributors from across the UK & Ireland. So, all exhibitors present at the show are members of the BPMA, a paying Sourcing City Supplier, or a Purple Club Member. According to Merchandise World, this year’s show boasted a 10% increase of visiting companies from the South of England. Of course, this is massive, as over 50% of the entire UK Market Spend is done by Southern based distributors. Interestingly enough, the average spend of Southern based distributor companies are greater than in other parts of England.

To provide trade show goers with the best experience possible, the show offers assistance with travel and lodging accommodations. Read more about the show itself here.