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Sustaining the Bees

Protect the Bees on “Don’t Step On A Bee Day”

Did you know that 10th July, is officially dubbed Don’t Step on A Bee Day throughout the UK? Of course, bees produce the honey and beeswax that we love so much. But additionally, the pollination they provide is essential to the well-being of plants, crops, and full ecosystems. Unfortunately, human activities like industrial agriculture, pesticide spraying, climate change and more are leading to a bit of a bee crisis. According to, bees have been declining at alarming rates since the late 1990’s. Like most environmental issues, it is up to us as humans to try to reverse this damage.

Seedball Matchboxes

bees mix seedballs

In addition to raising awareness about protecting the bees, there are other ways you can help protect your neighborhood bees. For example, by buying honey locally, and of course, by planting wildflowers to help sustain the bee population. Our favourite way (and perhaps one of the easiest ways) to do this is with the help of our Seedball Matchboxes.

Like all of our Sow Easy products, Seedball Matchboxes aren’t just great for the environment and for the promotion of planting, but they’re a great way to help promote brands, as well. To give a bit more detail, each Seedball Matchbox contains six easy to grow wildflower seed balls. Bonus – there’s no gardening skill required. The balls simply have to be scattered on soil, in a garden, or pot and nature is left to do the rest. So, because the seeds are inside of a clay ball, they are naturally protected against predators and more. Interestingly enough, the Seedballs are a unique innovation from social enterprise Project Maya.

For room to promote your brand, each Seedball Matchbox comes outfitted with a fully brand-able label with a print size of 51 x 51mm which covers the top (34 x 51mm) and one side (14 x 51mm). For more details or to order your own Seedball Matchboxes, email

Here’s to avoiding any and all bee deaths on “Don’t Step on A Bee Day!”