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Seed Ball Bags

Seed Ball Bags are a memorable plantable promotional product that brand agencies, wholesalers and distributors will love. They offer a way for any brand to show that they care about sustainability and the environment.

Seed Balls are little balls made of seed, soil and clay. Just add water and sunlight and watch as they burst into life. View the time-lapse video below to see just how quickly they can grow and transform a patch of land!

Every single Seed Ball is carefully crafted by hand. Each one is rolled into 2.5cm (diameter) in size and ready for action for more than 2 years. Your customers and clients can choose from a wide variety of flowers and plants to help you find a floral fit for marketing and promotional campaigns.

Seed varieties available for these promotional plants are:

Bees feast, daisies, Italian garden, summer meadow, sunflowers, wild herbs, butterfly delight and cornfield in bloom.

Marketing & Promotions

Seed Ball Bags are a versatile eco-friendly promotional product that has so many uses in marketing & promotional campaigns. Retail wholesalers, distributors and brand agencies can do so much with these plantable gifts:

  • Branded Seed Ball Bags makes a great addition to any gift store or garden centre.
  • Brands can use Seed Balls to promote community gardening or local environmental schemes.
  • A great corporate gift for eco-friendly and sustainability brands.

Custom-printed for any Business

Present your Seed Balls in a custom-printed cotton bag or in a recycled cardboard box. Full colour print available.

If you select a printed bag, you can also add a paper tag to increase the print area and branding opportunities.

The Important Stuff

The cotton bag can be printed front and back. The printable area is 7 x 10cm per side. Each bag is filled with 5 seed bombs. A paper tag can be added to accommodate more text.

  • Minimum order – 100
  • Lead time – 3-4 weeks
  • Engraving size – 7cm x 10cm


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