Agency clients & retail wholesalers will love these fun garden grenades! Seedboms are eco-friendly bombs that ‘explode’ with seeds. Great for guerrilla gardening – just drop in a patch of untended earth, and the packaging will degrade and flowers grow.

The eco-friendly grenade packaging is made from recycled paper and cardboard, compost and seeds. The paper shells help to retain moisture in the plants and will biodegrade into the environment leaving only plants behind.

We’ve created these plantable promotional products for companies like RHS, Diesel, The Eden Project and Stand up to Cancer. Available with a selection of wildflower seed mixes that have been created with bees and other pollinating insects in mind. Choose Seedboms to create new habitats and food to help save the bees!

Marketing & Promotions

A Seedbom is a fun plantable promotional product that makes an eco-friendly statement about any brand. A versatile product for retail wholesalers, distributors and brand agencies:

  • Great for Guerilla Gardening campaigns. Turn a local community green!
  • A great branded gardening gift for garden centres, gift shops, environmental charities, museums and charities.

Custom-made for any Business

The sleeves for our Seedbom are fully customisable. We can help with design for a client brief, adapt an existing design or create something altogether new for your retail wholesale customers.

There are various print options available and we can design your Seedbom sleeve to your exact specifications. If you prefer to work on the design yourself we offer our templates and design specifications as a complimentary service.

A wide range of seed varieties can be included in  Seedboms. Download the PDF Seed List & Germination Times for full details.

The important stuff

  • Made with 100% biodegradable starch and natural fibre shell, organic peat-free compost, non-GMO wildflower seeds. FSC recyclable paper packaging. 
  • Minimum Order Quantity: – 100 units
  • Lead times from: – 2 weeks

The usual stuff

  • 55mm x 272mm overall

Popularity contest

  1. Bee Friendly Wildflowers
  2. Butterfly Friendly Wildflowers
  3. Poppy
  4. Forget-Me-Not
  5. Thyme
  6. Catnip


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Download a seed list for information on which seeds can be embedded into your custom-printed Seedboms.


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