Herb Seed Varieties

Grow a Herb Garden at Home

Herbs add lots of delicious flavour to our food. Grow herbs at home for a ready-to-pick supply of fresh, organic produce – totally free! Herbs smell wonderful and add a burst of greenery to kitchens, window boxes, or a corner of the garden.

Gardening Improves Mental Health

Read more about our most popular herb seed varieties. If you don’t see your required herb seed listed, do contact us and we’ll do our best to supply it.

Which Herb Seeds Do We Stock?

We supply a wide range of herb seeds – our most popular varieties are:

  • Basil
  • Chives
  • Herb Mix
  • Mint
  • Parsley

All of our seeds have preferred planting times for outdoors, but we have selected seeds that can be planted indoors (whatever time of year it is). As long as it is in a bright warm spot it can start to grow and be transplanted outdoors in springtime or kept as a house plant.

More information on the benefits of each herb, and which products the seeds are available with, can be found below.

The Benefits of Herbs

Fresh herbs pack a flavourful punch so growing fresh herbs at home will save dedicated cooks both time and money as they no longer need to shop for them!

Growing herbs is a great introduction to start learning about how to grow your own food at home. Start small with just a pot and some seeds as a gentle introduction to growing your own for those with little gardening experience. Once you’ve mastered the herbs, move up to growing your own fruit and vegetables.

We’ve selected a classic selection of herb seeds that can be used in so many everyday recipes. Give your customers some ideas by providing them with some recipe cards or website links to inspire them to get cooking.

Browse the tabs below to see the main benefits of each herb seed variety and to help you choose the right flower seeds for your next eco-friendly corporate gift or giveaway.