back to school seeded bookmarks

Back to School With Seeded Bookmarks and School Supplies

Summer may have just kicked off, but it’s sure enough going to fly by like it always does. Soon enough the leaves will be turning colours and the children will be returning to classes. While the kids may not be delighted about hitting the books, they’ll surely enjoy shopping for new, unique school supplies. And what school supply is more unique for back to school than bookmarks that you can plant?

seeded bookmark for back to school

In the current state of the environment, it’s more important than ever that the next generation is aware of sustainability practices. Caring for a plant can also teach children fundamental nurturing skills from a very young age, and caring for a plant with a family member or friend can help encourage social interaction in children.


These seeded bookmarks specifically are a brilliant way to subtly encourage reading, as well as a great tool to teach kids about taking care of the Earth. The bookmarks have tear-away seed sticks attached to them, which can be ripped off when it’s time to plant. What remains can be used as a bookmark.

seeded bookmark

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