Easter eggs

Seedboms and Seedsticks™ for Easter

Spring has finally sprung! This is typically the time of year that most people taking to planting and beginning to tend their gardens. Of course, we can’t talk about spring without mentioning Easter.


The holiday takes place on Sunday, April 21 this year, and there’s still plenty of time to order our lovely egg-shaped Seedsticks™ – they might be better than any chocolate egg you could recieve.  For some Easter background, eggs were originally associated with Easter during Pagan celebrations. The egg is symbolic of new life, aligning with the rebirth of flora and fauna during springtime. In Christian traditions, the egg symbolises the rebirth of Jesus Christ.

egg-shaped Easter seedsticks

In addition to our egg-shaped Seedsticks™, we have another fun way to spice up your gardening this spring – seedbombing!

Easter Seedbom Seedsticks

Seed bombing is often times uses in what’s become known as “guerrilla gardening”, and explains why our Seedboms are shaped like grenades. Guerrilla gardening occurs in subcultures in which people transform unused public spaces into lovely gardens by throwing seeds. In this case, the seeds are protected by a biobased shell. The shell just needs to be dampened, then it can be tossed onto bare ground. There, the shell will explode and release the seeds. The seeds will eventually sprout, thus transforming unloved spaces with a blast of life and colour. In addition to helping produce clean air, the plants also help sustain bee, butterfly and other important insect populations.

Easter seedbom seedstick

Not only is it fun, but it’s the perfect way to beautify the planet, connect with nature, and start off the springtime. Customers simply need to soak the Seedbom so that it’s damp, then it can be tossed so that it explodes and releases seeds. You can find out even more about our Seedboms here..