Shamrock Seedsticks™ For Irish Luck

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up – and what better way to promote the Celtic festivities than with shamrock seeds people can grow themselves?

shamrock seedsticks

Our shamrock Seedsticks come standard in packs of five, and make a fun addition to any 17th March festivities. These can also be promoted as having the potential to grow a 4-leaf clover plant, if someone is lucky! This seed can sometimes produce a ‘sport.’ A sport is an aberration of the ordinary 3-leaf clover, producing a 4-leaf version on occasion. Of course, the key to a 4-leaf closer is a wee bit o’ Irish luck. You can read more on the history of shamrocks and their association with Celtic celebrations here. 


The pack measures 38mm x 46mm when folded. It is printed both sides, full colour with a standard seed. Learn more about our Seedstick™ offerings here.