The Eco-Friendly Values of the Gen Z Market

Targeting Gen Zers

The demographic known as Generation Z  or Gen Z, born from 1996 to 2010, already accounts for $44 billion in buying power. By the year 2020, Gen Z will make up 40% of all consumers.

This up-and-coming population boasts some major differences from its predecessors, the millennials, who were born from 1981 – 1996. Its oldest members were only children when the 2008 Great Recession hit, causing Gen Zers to develop somewhat more frugal spending habits. They value high-quality products, while remaining conscious about price. 

The children of Generation Z are the first to be properly born into a world overtaken by internet and social media. Unlike the coupon-clipping ways of their elders, Gen Zers are mainly  shopping online, and constantly cross-referencing prices and product information to obtain the best deal possible. According to research by professional services firm EY, 63% of Gen Zers report shopping online in order to save time, compared to 55% of millennials.

Appealing to a new generation of consumers means figuring out their habits, mindsets, and values. As their presence grows in the marketplace, promotional products distributors can use a few different strategies to attract customers. 

Shopping Habits

Online everything: According to the EY study we previously mentioned, Gen Zers are less likely than older generations to take advantage of branded loyalty and reward programs. Instead, they prefer to surf the web on their own to find the best deals. Generation Z values efficiency, lower prices and in particular, free shipping.

Custom patches and pins: Thanks to the encouragement of self-expression byway of social media, customized items that promote are especially popular among Generation Z. These people enjoy expressing their individualism with things like patches or pins that feature political and social messages. Overall, this age range is less concerned about brands and labels as opposed to older generations.

Eco-friendly products: In the age of climate change concerns, Gen Zers are passionate about creating a positive impact on the world. Overall, they prefer buying from and supporting brands that are sustainable. This is where our eco-friendly products come in. 

seeded paper from buddy burst

We offer paper, bookmarks, pencils, envelopes and more that come infused with seeds for brands to customise, and customers to plant, as they wish. We even have clothing available that is created out of sustainable material like bamboo. We offer flower, vegetable, fruit, herb and tree seeds, so companies can truly customize the eco-friendly products to fit their unique brand messaging. 

At the end of the day, Gen Z values genuineness, and we here at Sow Easy are happy to provide you with the products you need to deliver on that.