Think Outside of the Box with Eco Cubes

Eco Cubes – a  gift that grows! These promotional products are ideal for agencies, distributors and wholesalers searching for a unique plant-based promotional product. Eco Cubes are crafted from Alder wood, making them 100% compostable and biodegradable. Therefore, they are an especially sustainable promotional gift. The Alder wood itself can either be imprinted on with branding, or laser etched. Additionally, the cubes are filled with a special plant growth granulate and a biological long-term fertiliser. Then, the box is sealed with a sticker to protect against germination. Moreover, Eco Cubes can grow into the tree, flower or herb seed of your choice. These include everything from a Christmas tree, to a four leaf clover, to a mint plant.

Eco Cubes

This product comes ready-to-grow. The cubes come wrapped up in a sleeve that can be designed with four color printing to showcase your company’s branding. You can think of this product as an eye-catching decorative piece. They nicely compliment any living room, dining room or bedroom.

So, these Eco Cubes are especially:

  • Perfect for community growing projects. Use as a ‘sow & grow’ kit for participants.
  • A great branded product for food & cookery brands. Customers can use them to grow herbs & produce at home.
  • Great for Christmas promotions – grow your own Christmas tree