Promote World Bee Day with Wildflower Seeds

Celebrate World Bee Day 2023 on the 20th of May. Held on this date to honour the birth date of Anton Janša, the pioneer of modern beekeeping, World Bee Day was created to raise awareness of the importance of bees and beekeeping for the environment.

Here at Sow Easy, we are buzzing to help brand agencies, trade suppliers, and wholesalers with a range of wildflower products that will help their customers not only spread awareness of the bee’s plight but actively give something back to the bees by way of providing food and habitat for them.

Other Bee-Friendly Promotions & Awareness Campaigns

Many people are now aware of the threat to our bee population (and other pollinating insects) and the potential environmental problems their decline could cause. Their pollination work is crucial to the survival of our ecosystems, with 75% of the world’s food crops relying on it. They help to provide food security and converse biodiversity, so awareness campaigns are vital for helping them not only survive but to thrive.

So, World Bee Day isn’t the only awareness campaign that’s been organised to help educate people about the importance of our bees. Other opportunities for brands to shout about bee conservation in their marketing campaigns include:

  • RHS Plants for Pollinators – Helping gardeners by providing information on the best flowers to plant in your garden to provide food for pollinators
  • Bees’ Needs Week – 10th to 16th July
  • An awareness week organised by DEFRA (Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) working alongside charities, businesses, conservation groups and academic institutions to raise awareness of bees and other pollinators.
  • Bee the Change Project – Quick simple ideas to make your local area more bumble-bee friendly
  • Don’t Step on a Bee Day – 10th July – A day to encourage people to be good to bees. Share your efforts on social media and encourage others to do the same

Wildflower Seeds for Bees

Why are wildflowers so important for Bees?

  • Bees are threatened when we destroy their natural habitats and sources of food, including wildflowers.
  • Agriculture and property development are major causes.
  • Small-scale personal choices also have an effect – when we mow our lawn and remove ‘weeds’, we remove a bee’s source of food.
  • The simplest thing anyone can do to help sustain the bee population is to plant wildflowers! Nectar-rich wildflowers provide food and habitat to live in.

Help consumers to create their own oasis for bees at home, or in their local community with our range of promotional wildflower seed products.


Seedball Matchbox - Save the Bees Marketing Message

Seedballs are tiny balls made from a mixture of seeds, clay, peat-free compost, and chili powder, which create a protective casing against seed predators.  Simply scatter the Seedballs on fertile soil, and leave nature will do the rest!

‘The Bee Mix’ is a selection of seeds that grow into a mix of wildflowers that are particularly good for the bees. Read Seedballs to Keep the Bees Buzzing.

Choose from a Seedball Matchbox containing 8 Seedballs, or a Seedball Tin with 20 balls.  All packs can be custom-printed with a brand logo and marketing message.

Bee-Shaped Seedsticks PackConservaton - Bee Shaped Seedstick Shapes

The perfect promotional seeds for brands looking to get involved in World Bee Day

Encourage customers to grow wildflowers and create new habitats to help save our bees! Can be used for Guerilla Gardening campaigns, conservation & agricultural brands, FMCG brands, retailers and many more!

Just plant these seeded matchsticks in a bare patch of earth and wait 2-3 weeks for wildflowers to start growing. Choose custom packaging shaped just like the humble bee, or choose from one of the many other die-cut shapes. We have a wide range of Seedstick shapes. as well as standard packs. .

These products are Made in the UK, so there are no worries about unexpected custom charges and delays. It also lowers carbon emissions and air/road miles caused by delivery.

A truly sustainable promotional product – Seedsticks are 100% biodegradable and leave only flowers behind.


Express Seedsticks

Express Seedsticks® - Wildflower SeedsFor last-minute orders why not try our new Express Seedsticks – printed and delivered in just 2-3 days.

The Matchbook-style pack can be custom-printed with any logo and branding, in full-colour.

Available in either Wildflower Mix or Herb Mix (bees love herbs too!).




RHS Plants for Pollinators

We also support the work of the RHS Plants for Pollinators. This campaign educates gardeners on which plants provide the best food source for wild bees and pollinating insects. Its aim is to halt the decline in natural populations.

If you missed World Bee Day, but are looking at promoting conservation or running a Save the Bees campaign, then we have the promotional products you need.

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[Blog originally published May 2021. Updated 20th March 2023]